Unbiased ETSU Greek ranking

  1. 1. Sigma Phi Epsilon
    best house, best grades without being too good, don't give out 80 bids every fall rush, effortlessly live old row based lifestyles, brotherhood top tier
  2. 2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
    goobers, may be racist but seem like decent guys, lion fuckers, might be suspended, not bad
  3. 3. Kappa Sigma
    honestly think half their chapter dropped once they got their charter, that one guy at the party that everyone thinks isn't enrolled in college. squids
  4. 4. Sigma Chi
    a major disgrace to their nationals, former president agrees they can't talk to women
  5. 5. Beta Upsilon Chi
    who really are these guys? but they're a religious fraternity so they're honestly in their own lane
  6. Pi Kappa Alpha
    (those recently kicked off are not ranked)