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  1. Trying to find the perfect romper online that comes from a real website that won't steal my money
  2. Crossing the road in front of an impatient driver
    I was unreasonably nervous that he would tell his wife and/or kids about me when he got home
  3. Being asked if I needed any help in the Shoppers Drug Mart
    I did, but I said no anyway. I didn't want to talk about my need for body tape with a stranger with good eyeliner
  4. Accidentally driving too far past the speaker in the Starbucks drive-thru and having to lean out the window to scream-order my coffee
    One grande Caramel Macchiato with a cyanide shot pls
  5. Seeing a number I didn’t recognize on my caller ID
  6. Just EXISTING at work
  7. People standing near my desk but not interacting with me
  8. My laptop fan turning on VERY loudly because I opened powerpoint by accident
    If it annoyed my coworkers as much as it annoyed me then i'm a jerk
  9. Trying not to breathe heavily after climbing one flight of stairs
  10. Merging on the highway in front of a truck-driver who didn’t want me to merge
  11. Every time an email went to my phone and made the screen light up
    Who needs me at 8:34PM on a Friday? 6:15 on a Tuesday? Who????