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In 2015, the NCAA followed the NFL in banning "overbuilt" facemasks. The NFL claimed these facemasks were unsafe b/c they were "too heavy", fingers "might" get stuck in the bars and the player could become too aggressive. Riiiiiiight 😐 Here are a few of the big grills we've missed the most:
  1. β€’
    Brian Orakpo was on the verge of making this mask famous as he wore it during the preseason of 2014...right before the NFL banned it.
  2. β€’
    Big Grill 2.0
    Worn by Ray Lewis in Super Bowl 47, few knew then that it's fate was doomed. The Big Grill 2.0 is hands down the best selling and most popular of all the big grill styles.
  3. β€’
    The only "standard" big grill sold by Riddell for the Speed helmet, it was and still is very popular throughout high schools everywhere. No longer in production by Riddell, it will soon be a collectors item once inventories are depleted.
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