I had a weird childhood, and adolescence, maybe I'm just weird.
  1. Age 3: Doctor
    High aspirations for such a young age. This is where I peaked.
  2. Age 5: Wife to Brett Favre
    I'm from Wisconsin. I'm pretty sure he was my first celebrity crush. LOVE TRANSCENDS A WIFE, FAMILY, AND A 22 YEAR AGE DIFFERENCE!
  3. Age 5.5: Country Singer, living in Oklahoma, with purple sparkly cowboy boots
    After I kissed the TV while watching Packer football, my parents told me marrying Brett was inappropriate. I set my sights on something far more prestigious. I only wanted to be a country star if I got to live in Oklahoma and wear purple sparkly cowboy boots. Non-negotiable, people.
  4. Age 7: Teacher
    Basically just because I loved my kindergarten and first grade teachers. Thanks Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Baum!
  5. Age 10: Dog Trainer
    I loved dogs and didn't have one. So naturally I aspired to a career of training disobedient puppies. If I could take it back now, I would.
  6. Age 10-15: The lost years
    No aspirations or hopes to live through tomorrow. A beautiful time of teenage angst and rebellion characterized by my desire to do nothing ever.
  7. Age 16: Forensic Pathologist/ Mortician
    Because you could still work with the human body but lives weren't at stake. And I watched too many crime shows/ ER.
  8. Age 18: Editor
    A passion for grammar led me down this path. That flame burned bright and fast.
  9. Age 20: Missionary
    My actual job. I subconsciously wanted this for a long time but refused to admit it. Praise God for giving me a passion for the gospel!
  10. Age 24 and beyond: Jobs I'd still like to try someday
    It's a long list including: Graphic Designer, Writer, Inn Owner (is that a real job title? I just want to be Lorelai Gilmore), Medical Professional, Secretary, Personal Assistant, etc. I could go on for hours about things I'd like to try. Keep it fresh, people.