A Stoic Christian lives by the Biblical philosophy OF life summarized by the commands to love God and love others along with the Stoic philosophy ON life summarized by the cardinal virtues of wisdom, courage, self-control (moderation) and justice.
  1. Faith: Live in eternal peace (shalom) with God through freedom in Jesus Christ (Zoe)
  2. Family:   Family is the non-negotiable terrestrial priority.
  3. Mercy:  Practice unconditional love and acceptance by word and deed.
  4. Freedom:  Live free or die for someone else's freedom
  5. Leadership: Extend positive influence to family, work, and community.
  6. Integrity:  Do what's right even when it's difficult (especially when it's difficult)
  7. Loyalty:  Be true and never betray someone's trust for personal gain
  8. Discipline: Don't give in to the easy instead of working for the better
  9. Health:  Practice the habits of a good life (spiritual, mental, and physical fitness)
  10. Creativity:  Give the world the gift of something new (art, design, story, discovery)
  11. Contentment:  Wherever you are, whatever you have, and whatever you're doing is the most important thing at the moment.
  12. Improvement:  Look for lessons in every experience and create experiences when lessons are required.
  13. Opportunity: Don't think back and say "I wish I would have..." Take advantage of the moment so you can think back and say "I'm glad I did..."
  14. Persistence:  See all listed above