We all have a couple...or a few...or a ton
  1. Every movie Ice Cube has been in
    Everything from "Boyz In The Hood" to "Are We There Yet" and let's not forget "Ghosts of Mars"
  2. Every Nicolas Cage Movie
    Not so much of a guilty pleasure for me. I where this fact loud and proud on my "Face/Off" t-shirt's sleeve
  3. Reality dating shows
    I will feverishly watch ABC's Bachelor/ette and all spin offs
  4. Airline meals
    I've become somewhat of a connoisseur with all the miles I've racked up. Don't sleep on the meals that Asian based airlines provide.
  5. McDonald's Chicken McNuggets
    $4.99 for 20 nuggs...could money be spent any better?
  6. Chick-fil-A breakfast
    Spicy fried chicken set between a well crafted biscuit, a cup of coffee, and those little nuggets of hash brown goodness. Beware, you'll crave this every freaking Sunday morning.
  7. r/nosleep
    One of my favorite sub reddits, not for the faint of heart or skiddish. Some of the writing is actually good.