1. Drink anytime someone says "Make America Great Again"
  2. Drink anytime someone says "America First"
  3. Drink anytime someone says "Make America Safe Again"
  4. Giggle anytime someone says "Reince Priebus"
  5. Two drinks when someone recalls the "failed policies dating back to the Administration of Bill Clinton" or something similar
  6. Chanting of either 'U-S-A' or 'Lock Her Up' over & over....
    Suggested by @human_otter
  7. Drink anytime "The Art of the Deal" is mentioned
  8. Extra drink if someone talks about how great "The Art of the Deal" is
  9. Three drinks if the news outlets you are watching mention that they are glad no one is talking to a chair
  10. Drink anytime someone mentions Benghazi
  11. Drink anytime someone talks about emails
  12. Drink anytime someone talks about building a wall
  13. Take a shot anytime the crowd chants "Build the Wall!"
    Suggested by @aknott21
  14. Finish your drink if you think during Ben Carson's speech that he might have fallen asleep
  15. Take a drink any time one of the 23 failed '16 GOP candidates says the words 'Donald Trump' from the stage.
    If they don't say those words, eat some crow.
    Suggested by @andersun
  16. Two drinks if someone mentions how the next President may "very well pick the next three or four Supreme Court justices"
  17. Drink anytime you think Trump adds something to his speech that's not on the TelePrompTer
  18. Finish your drink if anyone says the word "Bigly"
    Suggested by @Boogie
  19. Three drinks if you're not sure exactly what Trump is talking about, but you're pretty sure he's airing grievances over someone he felt slighted or disrespected him
  20. If the delegates start building an actual wall on the convention floor, finish the bottle
    Suggested by @aknott21
  21. Drink twice every time Melanie plagiarizes part of First Lady, Michelle Obama's speech
    Suggested by @karlalucia
  22. Drink anytime someone (and I can't believe I'm doing this) brings up My Little Pony in a political context
  23. In the event a "free the delegates" movement takes over, finish all of your drink, and hold onto your hats.