It's just the worst
  1. "You may have every reason to believe that a plan is set in stone for today, Moonchild, but you may be disappointed."
    Great opening. Way to make me feel good.
  2. "A volatile participant could disrupt your plans and create trouble where there shouldn't be any."
    Why would you tell me someone is going to be a "volatile participant" in my day? Why?
  3. "This may cause you to lose your temper, but you would be better off staying calm and cool."
    Lose my temper? Lose my temper!?!
  4. "Think through any comments thoroughly before you open your mouth, and remember that you have other options for getting the job done. Don't stress yourself out."
    I don't need to worry about stressing myself out, because YOU stressed myself out.
  5. Normally I just glance at them for fun. This one has not been fun.
    Ready for the day to be over.