This might be my finest work. You're welcome, world.
  1. Sext.
  2. When the E hits ya REAL hard
  3. When your gf is mad at you and you're not sure what you've done wrong so you gotta be extra nice
  4. When he's huge and you're impressed but also a lil scared
  5. When you finally reveal your true colors
  6. When you go to the freezer to get dessert and then remember that you finished the ice cream last night and there's nothing.
  7. When you're trying to be "cool girl" but you take it too far
  8. Everytime a dude sends you a gross opening message on a dating app and you're just like
  9. When it's pay day
  10. When you're waiting tables and are forced to be nice to a bunch of dickbags
  11. When you're havin a bad day and just need someone to love you and give you pizza
  12. When you're just killin it on every level
  13. Sext.
  14. Super aggressive sext
  15. Sext.
  16. Sext.
    WHEN YOU WANNA CHANNING HIS TATUM ***edit credit to @wiblitz you're a beautiful evil genius****
  18. *drops mic*