Been playin' the game since before pre-K
  1. I should preface this list by saying that my mom told me I was a part of a secret society of preschoolers called the Kissy Kissies, and we would run around and blow kisses to boys. I'm basically the same.
  2. I also grew up in a smallish town so I went to elementary, middle, and high school with all these kids. Many crush relapses over the years.
  3. Andrew Silveroli 1st grade- on and off through highschool
    Actual boy next door. We would sneak out and run across the neighbor's yard to hang out with each other. I think we were supposed to fall in love and be a Nicholas Sparks classic but obviously that didn't happen
  4. Spencer Moss- 2nd Grade
    Not a real crush. My best friend told me I had a crush on him, and I was like, "okay I guess."
  5. Zack Kirby- 3rd grade
    His parents let him wear his hair in a Mohawk. I imagine him wearing a leather jacket and smoking a cigarette even though I know that's not possible because we were maybe 9.
  6. Patrick Brown- 3rd grade
    Class clown, heart of gold.
  7. Chad Wilden- 4th Grade
    That bowl cut was swoon worthy
  8. Ryan Spangler- 5th grade
    Made me a Valentine's card that said 👁❤️U and it was totally covered in glitter, because Ryan truly knew the way to a woman's heart. He and Chad were BFF's. Major drama.
  9. Chelsea Carson- 6th grade AND ALL THROUGH HIGHSCHOOL
    Oh my god, you guys. I liked Chelsea so much it physically hurt inside my 12 year old ribcage. It was an awakening. She moved to our town from California and I swear when she smiled at me on her first day I was actually blinded. She came over for a slumber party and I gave her my bed and slept on the floor because I got too shy to share with her.
  10. Zach Ryback- 7th grade
    Always in trouble, but when he read his poems out loud in English class, my heart just melted.
  11. Kendra Something - 7th grade
    I can't remember her last name but I DO remember her green eyes, the heart tattoo she gave herself, and feeling super weird about changing near her in the locker room.
  12. When does childhood end? I'm calling it at puberty. So, end.