Because meeting up for a drink gets boring
  1. Sporting event
    Doesn't matter what kind of sports! I'm down!
  2. A concert
    Wanna steal my heart forever? Take me to see some good music. I'm yours.
  3. Hiking
    Not bullshit LA exercise hiking. Like, have to drive somewhere a little remote and make a real backpacking adventure out of it.
  4. Arcade
    Or barcade! This one is risky because I'll 100 percent kick your ass at pacman so you might stop loving me
  5. Theme park or carnival
    Anything with classic rides and games where I can win a giant ass stuffed animal. Bonus points if it's on a pier so I can live out my Nicholas Sparks daydreams
  6. Night beach
    Literally just going to a beach that's open at night, and it's even better if there are spots for a fire. This is best done in a group scenario, but I'll totally still count it as a date.
  7. Record store/book store adventure date
    Pick like 4 hole in the wall spots and spend a couple hours exploring. There are few things I love more than finding a treasure of a vinyl or hardcover copy of a rare book. The music people listen to and the books they love say a lot about them, and this is a great way to learn more about a person without interviewing them.
  8. Outdoor movies
    So much better than watching Netflix on your couch. Pack snacks, bring wine and a big ass blanket. Boom, romantic but low key date.
  9. Plot world domination