1. Netflix
    Probably the friend I hang out with the most.
  2. Altoids Smalls
    When you're working a stressful server shift, these seriously take the edge off.
  3. Acai Bowls
    I could eat these for every meal of the day and not get sick of them
  4. Sugar Lip Balm
  5. Trader Joe's
    The healthiest relationship I've ever had probably.
  6. Spotify
    How I lived without you, I'll never know.
  7. Leather Jackets
    I'm (pretty much) vegan but ugh, do I love a good leather jacket. Especially over a white or gray tshirt. Mmm.
  8. Makers. Rocks.
  9. Arrowhead Sparkling Water, Black Cherry Flavor
    I could drink a case of you.
  10. Black coffee
    Oh baby. My number one. Nothing can ever compare. Nothing can even come close. I love you. I love you so god damn much.