I gotchu boo
  1. Trust me, I'm a doctor
  2. I worked for Lush Cosmetics for a long time, plus demo modeling for Bumble and Bumble taught me a lot about hair care.
    PS Bumble does this amazing program called the Bb.U model project in a lot of cities, you can sign up online, and I HIGHLY recommend doing it if it's available to you. Free cuts and colors, and you rack up points to get free products. I went to a couple and through that became a demo model for them where they PAID ME IN PRODUCT (and for a couple events, actual money too). But I mean, a lot of product. Like it's been almost a year since I've done it and I still have product. It's amazing.
  3. You're gonna need:
  4. Dry shampoo
    I'm currently using Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo in Sugar Lemon because it smells AMAZING and it works REALLY well
  5. Hair oil
    My personal fav is Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's invisible oil
  6. A curling iron.
  7. Patience
  8. The resolve and determination of a warrior
  9. And the willingness to get a little dirty
  10. If you're currently washing your hair every day, your scalp is gonna flip out a little bit. It's gonna produce more oil at first but IT WILL settle down! It might take like two or so weeks. Be patient. Top knots and messy buns are your friends if you feel like a lil grease monster. I promise you, you're beautiful even if you feel gross.
    If you wash every day, you're probably gonna need to take a hair detox. Like, straight up no shampoo for five days and a lot of deep conditioning. No heat styling other than blow drying after the one time you wash. It's gonna be a lot of top knots. It's gonna be okay. But you gotta give your hair a rest. SAME GOES for anyone who just colored their hair (or is about to- do this 5 days to a week prior ESPECIALLY if you're using bleach) or if you do a lot of heat styling. HAIR DETOX, all of you!
  11. Here's the thing: the less you wash you hair, the less you will eventually NEED to wash your hair. It's a process but you'll get there!
    If you feel like you need to wash every day, here's what's probably going on: you are stripping your hair of its natural oils each time you wash, and it freaks out and overcompensates by producing MORE oil. Which in turn, makes you freak out, so you wash it again. And round and round you go. Make peace with your hair. Let it chill. Your body knows what it's doing. If you need to start by washing every OTHER day for a week, and then every two days, that's good!! That's progress! You got this!
  12. Embrace your inner rockstar
    Who has time to wash hair when traveling from city to city on a tour bus, playing to sold out arenas?? Not you. You don't have time, you're too busy being fucking awesome. Fake your devil-may-care attitude if you have to. But I personally find that "I just rolled out of bed" messy look to be SUPER sexy, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.
  13. Because listen babes, I haven't washed my hair since Saturday. it's Tuesday, and it looks like this.
  14. Alright kittens, let's begin.
  15. Day 0: Wash your hair
    Wash it real good. If you can, put a deep conditioner in your hair the night before and wash it out in the morning. Use a sulfate free shampoo and a really moisturizing conditioner. I use BlondeMe purple shampoo and Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner. The more natural of a product you use, the better. Brands like Pantene are actually made to build up in your hair so that you get grimy faster and have to wash more often, so you buy more product. The bastards.
  16. You've got two options here once you're all clean and shiny: air dry or blow dry straight(ish). It's whatever you like! Either way, try to use as little product as possible.
    When I air dry I use bumble and bumble "don't blow it!" if I gotta look more put together, but it's usually just my hair oil and sometimes a seaspray (favs include bumble and bumble and beach bum). When I blow dry I use bumble and bumble Repair! and a little bit of my oil, rough dry most of it, and then go through with a flat brush. I blow dry if I've gotta look more done up that day.
  17. If you prefer to sleep with your hair up (also when you shower!) go with a classic "I just got out of volleyball practice" bun at the top of your head. You know the one. OR pile it up in a little twist, no elastic, and wrap it up in a hair scarf (Lush has a helpful video on how to do this on their YouTube!)
  18. Day 1: your hair is still clean! I repeat. YOUR HAIR IS STILL CLEAN. It might not feel like it to you, but I promise, it is. You might be freaking out if you wash every day (or every other), and you might feel a little greasy but I promise you, no one else notices.
  19. Comb or brush your hair just enough to get any tangles out. Run some hair oil through it, focus on the ends and put a minimal amount if any above your ears, then go through with your curling iron
    I like parting my hair into four sections and curling those, shaking it out, then going back through and curling some smaller pieces for some more definition. Think big, loose waves here rather than tight curls. You shouldn't need any dry shampoo today, and I challenge you not to use any.
  20. Pro tip: IF you are used to washing your more often and your hair feels greasy by the end of the day, spray your dry shampoo in BEFORE you go to bed tonight and sleep with it in. Trust me.
  21. Day 2: your hair should still have most of its waves!!! Put a little oil on it and maybe run your curling iron through a couple pieces it if you want a quick sprucing up (if you can go without heat styling though, don't heat style, it's better for ya! I find that the oil perks up yesterday's waves just find on its own).
    Spray your dry shampoo in if you didn't last night, massage in, shake it through to loosen the curls, and add a little more oil on the ends. (I know it seems a little counter intuitive, but the more you moisturizer you keep your hair, the less oil it's gonna produce on its own; and the less you're going to have to wash it.)
  22. Day 3: it's been 2 days without washing and if you feel like dying, go ahead and wash, try for three days in between next time. BUT I CHALLENGE YOU to do this if you can tolerate it: CURL YOUR HAIR TODAY. The natural oil in your hair and your products from before have created a perfect storm here. Your curls will hold all day.
    Make sure you use oil before you curl, then spray the dry shampoo, and then finish with oil. BOOM YOU LOOK AMAZING. If you hate it, no worries boo, pull your hair up into a top knot or messy bun, throw on some red lipstick, and go about your days. You look stunning, I promise.
  23. Day 3: go ahead and wash! OR be a gross lil grease monkey like me and go one more day, pull it up into a top knot if ya must. But again, the less you wash your hair, the less you will need to in the future.
  24. Seriously y'all. Does it look like I haven't washed it in three days? No it does not. It looks 💯. And so. Will. Yours.
  25. And that's it. Some more pro tips:
  26. If you work out often and you're worried about sweat buildup --- post workout, rub coconut oil onto your scalp (sups moisturizing and antibacterial!!!) then rinse it out when you shower. Apply conditioner from the ears down (always!!! Your roots don't need it!) then rinse out. BOOM. Your hair is clean and you didn't have to use any shampoo.
  27. If your hair is damaged from color or heat styling and you gotta do a a hair detox---
    Day 0: wash Day 1: leave it the hell alone. Use oil on your ends Day 2: leave it the hell alone, use oil on your ends, some dry shampoo if you must, pull into a topknot if you gotta Day 3: coconut oil trick. It feels greasy, make it a sleeker top knot. It'll look like you did it on purpose. At night use a deep conditioner WITH YOUR HAIR DRY. Day 4: Rinse it out in the morning. More conditioner on the ends. Rinse. Day 5: coconut oil trick, lots of conditioner, real sleek topknot. Day 6: wash.
  28. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘