Apparently I wrote this list last night while I was pretty sick.
  1. I had a vision of my roommate, @wiblitz coming into my room with this beautiful purse that she just got and was so excited about. She sat on my bed and talked to me about it. I started to drift and she said, "hey, are you okay?" And when I looked again she was gone. She was never there.
  2. I'm going to assume I looked into the future and @wiblitz is going to have some career success, as symbolized by the purse. I don't know how fever visions work but I'm gonna assume it's like ayahuasca.
  3. This was the FIRST sign that something was wrong
    Or MAYBE something magical. Too soon to tell.
  4. I took a nap around 3:00 when I started feeling funny, and dreamt that when I woke up it was MIDNIGHT and my voice had be stolen sea-witch style.
    But when I woke up for real and in a panic it was only 3:30.
  5. I had an intense craving for Pho
    And Alyssa drove me to get pho because she's an actual angel sent from heaven.
  6. I am both freezing and covered in flames
    But on the inside of my skin so nothing can be done to soothe me
  7. "Is this man-flu? Is that what I get for not believing that guy when he blew me off because he had man-flu?"
  8. I keep imagining myself in colonial garb and I'm pretty sure something like this killed me in a past life
  9. God damn it I should have gotten a flu shot
    Man-flu shot?
  10. For a second I wished I had a significant other
    What the actual fuck?
  11. My skin has been goosebumpy NONSTOP to the point where it's painful and I'm pretty sure I'm about to sprout fucking feathers or something
  12. My roommate brought me some water and I cried when she left the room
    I'm an actual cry baby
  13. "Am I a werewolf? Is this me turning? Is the moon full tonight???"
    Watching Supernatural may have been a mistake
    What the fuck, brain? That's never a mistake. I'm loosing it guys.