I'm doing a 28 day challenge that is making me giving up coffee, alcohol and sugar for a week
  1. Before I started I was like
  2. Okay no big deal
  3. It's just a week
  4. No big deal
  5. Alcohol won't even be an issue
  6. Except for I'm a bartender
  7. But it'll be fine
  8. Tasting each drink I make doesn't count right?
  9. It won't count.
  10. That's fine.
  11. And how much sugar do I really eat anyways?
  12. Like none.
  13. I just add honey to everything but I can live without it for a week
  14. Like how big of a difference will that even be?
  15. It'll be fine
  16. But coffee....
  17. Oh my god.... Coffee....
  18. I drink 3 or 4 cups before breakfast
  19. And a cold brew or a latte in the afternoon
  20. I love coffee so much
  21. .....
  22. ..........
  23. It'll be fine.
  24. It's just a week.
  25. I can live without it for a week.
  26. No big deal.
  27. ..............
  28. ........................
  29. You guys it's only Monday and I'm pretty sure I'm dying
  30. I'm going to go through some serious withdrawal symptoms
  31. No one ever let me try hard drugs
  32. I'm at a coffee shop with @wiblitz drinking a fucking green tea
  33. Fuck.
  34. Fuck.
  35. Fuck. Everything.
  36. It is MONDAY
  37. And I'm doing this for a week????
  38. Pray for me kids
  39. Giphy