And starting 2017 FRESH AF
  1. Today I quit my job
    It's a long story
  2. I'm taking a last minute flight to Salt Lake to see the boyf tonight
    And have a New Years that is infinitely better than my last
  3. And emailing all the bars in LA in the meantime
  4. Because listen
  5. If this year has taught me anything, it's that life is too short. So much is out of our control. Literally anything can happen and SO MUCH CRAZY SHIT did.
  6. But there's so much that I DO have control over
  7. I decide how I live
  8. I can stand strong
  9. I can leap and take risks and maybe fall flat on my face
  10. But maybe I'll end up right where I'm supposed to be
  11. I can choose to put myself first
  12. And the world will work itself out around me
  13. Happy New Year, loves.
  14. Make this one count.