OR, reasons why Acting is my only real career choice
  1. Indiana Jones
    This would be my ideal career. No explanation necessary, really.
  2. Sex educator
    I mean, I already always have condoms in my purse and if you ask me about birth control I basically turn into a commercial for Mirena. I love talking to people about sex and consent and pleasure and protection and just all of it.
  3. Writer for (insert all my favorite shows)
  4. Profiler for the FBI
    Criminal Minds that shit all day erry day (okay but really I LOVE this kind of stuff and I would legit consider this if acting wasn't an option)
  5. Born rich with no responsibilities
    It's tough but someone's got to do it.
  6. Bandit, Wild West Era
  7. Similarly, Space Cowboy.
  8. The Slayer
  9. Con Artist or Secret Agent
    But not the sleezy kind of con. The smart, sexy, robin-hood kind. I grouped these together because I feel like they require similar skill sets.
  10. Some kind of diplomat or ambassador, international relations type deal.
  11. Marine Biologist
  12. Red Panda
  13. Beyoncé
    Oh my god, if I could Beyoncé, what COULDNT I do or accomplish?! The whole world would be mine. Just imagine.
  14. Jazz singer, 1920s New Orleans
  15. Professor at Hogwarts
    Because magic that's why
  16. Gluten free Vegan Chef
    Okay but for real, cooking is my secret skill. I'm excellent at making healthy food RUL delicious.
  17. Stevie Nicks in the best years of Fleetwood Mac
  18. Woodsman
    I'd live off the land, wear a red flannel, and have the most glorious beard.
  19. Someone who comes up with ideas for projects/inventions/campaigns but doesn't have to do ANY thing else. I'd just lay in a hammock and yell whatever comes into my head, and then a cute lil intern writes it down and sends it to whoever can make that idea happen.
  20. Like a sommelier but for coffee
  21. Like a sommelier but for whiskey.
  22. Owner of a cute little shop that sold all natural products like soap and whatnot, but we'd also make specialty tinctures and teas and potions for whatever you needed. Like a modern day apothecary.
  23. Health Coach/ Nutritionist
    Okay, I actually just hired one, and she's amazing and impacting my life in so many great ways and I know that I'm going to be so much better from this. I'd love to help people the way she helps me and others.
  24. Ballerina
    Because there's a part of me that's still 8 years old in a lil pink tutu