It was awesome
  1. My sister sent a picture of a guy she's seeing to my mom
    He was shirtless and cooking her breakfast. 👌
  2. And my mom was like, "your new boyfriend is so cute!"
  3. And my sister said, "oh he is NOT my boyfriend"
  4. My mom was very confused so she asked me to explain it to her
  5. So I did
  6. And we had like a two hour conversation
  7. About monogamy, consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, dating culture, hookup culture, etc etc etc
  8. About contraception and safer sex and abortion rights and how I've taken so many friends to planned parenthood
  9. About human sexuality and rape culture and why I don't want children and how I don't agree with the institution of marriage
  10. She had so many questions and was so excited to learn about everything
  11. And she was so proud of the way my sister and I lead our slutty lives
  12. It was amazing you guys
  13. It. Was. Amazing.