Fuck saying I'm gonna run more or lose ten pounds. Fuck "new year new me". Fuck that noise. Here's some shit I actually want to do.
  1. Focus on forming and strengthening my female friendships
    There are some badass ladies in my life who deserve more from me as a friend (love you @wiblitz). "Guys come and go, but friends are forever". That shit is only true if you NURTURE your friendships and don't abandon your nearest and dearest every time a dude arrives in your life. This is a career thing too. Being an actress is FUCKING HARD and if I want to see more women in the industry, we gotta stick together and support one another and MAKE THAT SHIT HAPPEN.
  2. Confront my own internalized misogyny
    Woof, this one is gonna be hard. But it goes along with #1, where I feel like part of me not being friends with more ladies is because I'm a dirtbag sexist sometimes. I grew up taking pride in being "like one of the guys" or "not like other girls" but that is some real sexist BULLSHIT and I will accept the remnants of that in myself NO MORE. I'm a feminist for fuck's sake and I'M GONNA FUCKING ACT LIKE ONE. Even and ESPECIALLY WHEN it mean I have to call myself out.
  3. Love myself more
    This is tough and I will work on it everyday. It means being kind to myself. It means checking in with myself and seeking help when my eating gets disordered (big ups to @DanaDigsYou for her holiday tips, you're amazing.) It means forgiving myself for fuck ups. It also means acknowledging and working through the bad habits that make me a dirtbag. It's having more fun and having less judgement.
  4. Do more cool shit (by myself!)
    If no one can go to that movie or concert with me, FUCK IT I'm going alone and I'm gonna have a blasty-blast.
  5. Read more
    If anyone's got some recommendations, I'm all ears. I wanna read fucktons of books this year.
  6. Say "Fuck" more often
    So far so fuckin good. I like swearing and I'm tired of censoring myself.
  7. Create more of my own work
    No one will ever know your talent if you don't grit your teeth and get your shit out there. It also means beings confident in my ability as a writer and actor.
    I will not tolerate it. Bye, Felicia.
  9. Get more use out my vibrator
  10. Find the greatest coffee shop in all of LA
    This is about having adventures and giving myself more of what I love (and I fucking love coffee). It's about building my own space in this new city, and making it mine.
  11. Say YES more, and say NO more
    Exercising my right and ability to decide what I fucking want, and what I don't. It's gonna be a good year.