Shit I'm real good at.
  1. Navigating without GPS
    I usually just need to see directions once and then I'm good for the rest of forever.
  2. Falling for dirtbag guys
    Yo I'm insanely talented at this. Every guy I've dated or had a serious crush on in the past six months has been a bartender, musician, actor, writer or some combination of the four. All of them wear a uniform of white tshirts and leather jackets. None of them wash their hair on a regular basis. Told you.
  3. Procrastinating
    Guess how long it took me to write this list
  4. Staring at girls in coffee shops and never working up the courage to say hi to them
  5. Saying "no" to things I don't wanna do
    Actually very proud of this because damn did it take me a while to be able to do this. "Hey girl can I get your number?" "Nope bye"
  6. Making healthy foods REAL delicious
    Last night I made a stir fry using cauliflower rice that was just 🙌
  7. Drinking water
    Ask @wiblitz. The server always says something about it when we eat anywhere. They usually just give up and leave the pitcher on the table.
  8. Lying
    I don't do it often, I don't like to do it, but I am very good at it. My mom likes to tell this story of the first time she realized I was telling a lie: I was maybe 8, I really didn't want to eat what my grandma made for dinner and I told my mom this in Spanish, then turned to grandma and said in English "this is so delicious but I'm just so full" with such sincerity that I was excused from the table and I snuck off, stealing a candy bar from the cabinet on my way out to the tv room.
  9. Only washing my hair like maybe twice a week and still having it look 💯
    This took practice but I'm a pro now
  10. Remaining calm
    Sure I'll have a panic attack sitting alone in my room when there is absolutely NOTHING wrong, but I am definitely the person you want around when shit hits the fan. Because in those moments, I am cool calm and collected. I am Sam Winchester without a soul levels of cold rationale. I was in a car accident a few weeks ago and it was actually creepy how okay I was.
  11. Rhyming.
    When I write songs with my buddies (band?) basically we pick a theme or a prompt and they just start playing something and I just start singing whatever pops into my head, stream of consciousness style, and it usually works out pretty well.
  12. Taking an exceptionally long time to get dressed.
  13. Flirting
    I'm totally shameless.