That "adorable drama-filled story for another time" I mentioned? That time is now. Sorry I kept you waiting, @marymurphy
  1. We went to high school together.
    Well, actually, we went to elementary school together too. And middle school. But I didn't know this until recently.
  2. He had the locker next to mine my freshman year
    I know. I know.
  3. And I had the BIGGEST crush on him
    (He's always been super swoon worthy it's actually insane.) He was a sophomore and had that amazing swoopy grungy sk8er boi- esque haircut we all freaked out over. He drove a vintage white bug that he had worked on, swapped out the engine so that it went so-not-streetlegal fast. Just an all around dream boat.
  4. And y'all. I had it really, really bad.
    The worst I've ever had it.
  5. And, like, he had a Rolling Stones Tshirt
  6. And I had a Rolling Stones JACKET
    I lost it and I'm still sad because it was so fucking cool
  7. So I wore that motherfucker like every other day in the hopes that he'd see it (or better yet, also be wearing his tshirt) and he'd go
  8. "Oh woah, you like the Rolling Stones? I like the Rolling Stones! This is crazy! We're obviously soul mates!"
    Give me a break guys I was fifteen
  9. But we were both really shy so we only ever just mumbled hi and smiled and stole glances at each other
    He caught me looking a lot more often than I caught him
  11. I told one of my "friends" that I had a crush on him
    Alright she is actually my friend, known each other since we were 8. I love her. But she was doing the mean girl thing FOR SURE at the time.
  12. And she goes "OMG WAIT I have class with him I'll totally talk to him for you."
  13. But I think you all know what actually happened.
  14. She Regina George'd the FUCK out of me.
  15. And then they dated for like a year and half.
    Wasn't high school fun?!
  16. It was especially terrible because she lived across the street so I'd see him pick her up for dates and shit like that it was the worst.
    I listened to a lot of dashboard confessional to get me through it.
  17. Giphy
    Like WAY too much Dashboard
  18. And yeah. But eventually I recovered and I picked the shattered pieces of my heart off my high school hallways and started dating a senior
    The first of many guys I dated that were definitely too old for me.
  19. But eventually everyone broke up, we graduated, dated more people, broke up with more people, and several years later it's 2014, I had just graduated college and was living with a boyfriend when out of motherfucking no where
  20. I get a message.