I swear this is real life and I have the screenshots to prove it
  1. Alright kittens
    Gather round
  2. The year is 2014
    I had just graduated college and was living with a boyfriend in the greatest city in the world, New York.
  3. I was doing a lot of music at the time
    In between acting, writing, waitressing, existential crisis-ing and fighting with said boyfriend, I was in a competition at the Stonewall Inn that led to me booking a lot of gigs playing music at bars (for a crowd that was usually, beautifully and magically, mostly comprised of drag queens)
  4. And I put up a video of one my sets at Stonewall
  5. And that's when I get a message from none other than my freshman year crush
  6. Static
    I just respond, several hours later, with "yup!"
  7. And then he goes:
    And I literally don't get it and don't respond and he still reaches out again like two months later
  8. But he keeps trying!
    And I tell him I live in the east village and he asks if I have the same phone number
  9. But then I did this
    ....And I never responded
  10. In my defense, at the time I had no reason to think this guy had ever been interested in me or would be interested in me. I just. I really didn't get it. I seriously thought he just wanted to visit New York.
    I also had a (super terrible) boyfriend and when he asked me "what have you been up to?", we had actually been fighting all day and that's all I could think about, so I just didnt respond. And ugh.
  11. Flash forward to a few months ago:
  12. When I'm single AF, living my best "I can totally date casually I do whatever I want" life
  13. When out of no where, I get a "like" from an insta I don't recognize and
  14. Look who I caught creepin.
  15. And we get to talking
  16. And then, before you know it
  17. We're back to:
  18. Static
  19. And pretty soon, he asks if there's a good time for him to call me on the phone
  20. Giphy
  21. We talk for like two hours
    And it turns out that in a few months the company he works for is going to send him permanently to LA
  22. And then he calls me the next day
  23. And all of a sudden I'm talking to this guy every day. And he know about all the people I'm seeing and he's super cool about it and then I start to realize
  24. That I'll go out on a date with someone and come back home, change into my pajamas, get ready for bed and all I wanna do is call him and talk for a while until I have to fall asleep.
  25. And talking to him becomes the best part of my day
    And I'm having really good days
  26. And I start thinking
  27. Maybe that's kind of a red flag
    Maybe I kinda like him
  28. .......
  29. And then I fell down those stairs, and he flew me out to see him.
  30. ..........
  31. And that's how I ended up flying to Florida in the craziest most romantic thing that's ever happened to me, and dating my first high school crush / best guy in the world.
  32. Static
  33. Static
  34. The End.