Because a promise is a promise, @stevecady
  1. That I don't like sweet things
    I can remember this when I order a cocktail but NOT when there are brownies or cookies in front of me. Anything too sweet honestly feels like papercuts in my mouth. I get excited and start eating them and about halfway through realize I don't enjoy it but I finish it anyway and then my stomach gets mad at me.
  2. That my phone charger is in my car (if I'm home and about to fall asleep with my phone at 5%) or that my charger is in my room (when I'm in my car half way to my destination with my phone at 5%)
  3. That Mercury is in retrograde
    Looks it's always why shit is crazy, okay? You're gonna be fine, the planets just have to get it together.
  4. I didn't take my pills
    In THREE days and that's why my iron levels are REAL low and my nails are blue now. (This is the reason I switched birth control methods, because I seriously cannot remember to take a damn pill.)
  5. That my hair looks better the less I do to it
  6. Things I'm allergic to
    I really need to get better about this one
  7. That I need to wash the jeans I wanted to wear out
  8. That I already asked the barista how her day was and now I've said it twice because I asked her and she asked me back and then I went "how about you?" like an idiot
    She's so cute though you guys it was distracting
  9. Corn upsets my stomach
    I always think I'll be okay with just a couple chips and some guac and I'm always wrong. So delicious but the pain afterwards is in no way worth it.
  10. That rush hour traffic is a thing
    I'm always late to everything
  11. That I already ate the last kite hill yogurt
    And I suddenly really want one so I go to the fridge and there's nothing in there for me but broken dreams and sadness.
  12. Giphy