😬 I thought writing would involve more scotch and less responsibilities, but those rules probably only apply to you if you're Hemingway
  1. Started with coffee
  2. Lingered at said coffee shop and "brainstormed"
    Meaning I just people watched for like an hour and half, but I did it with my computer open in front of me.
  3. Wandered around a little shopping center
    And left with a bunch of samples from Aesop 🙌
  4. Took two naps
  5. Talked to Trevor for about an hour until he said "hey, shouldn't you be working on that treatment for your script?"
    And then I did that thing where you crinkle a candy wrapper next to phone so you can pretend that the connection is bad and you can hang up and scurry away from your problems and responsibilities
  6. Made a list of everyone I needed to get presents for
  7. Looked at a lot of Christmas gift options online
  8. Realized I have no money for gifts
  9. Looked at a lot of DIY Christmas gift options online
  10. Watched an episode of Supernatural
    Just one I was so proud
  11. Watched the final two episodes of Gilmore Girls
    And then I cried again just thinking about it
  13. Panicking that maybe I was crying so much because *whispers* pregnancy(?!?!)
  14. Look up "pregnancy symptoms"
  15. Immediately regret that life choice
  16. Remember I've got an IUD so I'm golden
  17. Remember that I need to replace that IUD in like a month
  18. Resume panic because of how difficult it is as a women to get good healthcare and the possibility (wait, nah. CERTAINTY) of it becoming even more of a nightmare with a trump presidency looming
  19. Sat silently in feminist rage for a bit
  20. Drank water.
  21. Cleaned my room at midnight because at least I have control over my environment
  22. Wrote this list
    So technically I got some writing done and now I can go to bed, right? Yeah.