I have no self control
  1. Was supposed to get:
    Apples, Sage Honey, Eggs, Gluten Free Bread, Coffee, Veggies, Flowers
  2. Things I got off my list:
    Coffee, Veggies (carrots and celery)
  3. Impulse buys:
  4. Habanero Honey
    Holy fuck you guys it's insane
  5. Persimmons
  6. Blood Oranges
  7. Tamales
    From the cutest little old lady in the world
  8. Vegan Cashew Yogurt
  9. Raw Crackers
  10. Black Bean Tempah
    Like Tempeh but better
  11. Smoked Gouda
  12. Pomegranate Juice
  13. Green Juice
  14. Blackberries and Blueberries
  15. Original Budget: $40
  16. Actual Money Spent: All the money