My disordered brain tries to take over sometimes but I said NOT TODAY SATAN
  1. Drinking a lot of coffee out of my favorite mug
    Oh caffeine, I love you so much.
  2. Looking at pictures of dogs and pot belly piglets
    Distracting myself with cuteness.
  3. Looking up pot doctors near me
    Gonna get that medical card 👌👌
  4. Wearing my coziest sweater
    I don't give a fuck that I live in LA
  5. Having an amazing roommate who doesn't let me ruminate
    @wiblitz you're the best
  6. A vanilla almond milk latte with 4 shots of espresso
  7. The barista's face when I confirmed I wanted that many shots of espresso
    Don't underestimate me.
  8. Making lists
  9. Wearing a new lipstick
    Feeling very Kylie Jenner over here
  10. Looking at some Warby Parker frames.
    I want them to cover my entire face.
  11. Going to a "the world is flat" party
    And drinking alcohol that I didn't have to pay for. 🙌