1. Why are there are no fridges?
  2. Do people here just not eat food?
  3. Do they just lug their fridge to each new place they live?
  4. How do they manage that with their tiny Prius's?
  5. Priui?
  6. What the fuck is the plural form of Prius?
  7. How do you even live without A/C?
  8. Furthermore, why would anyone pay so much money to live without A/C?
  9. What's the difference between East Hollywood and Hollywood Hollywood?
  10. Oh. Got it.
  11. Calling it Hollywoo from now on because Bojack
  12. Back in the 90s I was on a very famous TV showwwww
  13. Ugh fuck try to focus
  14. This realtor is more than 15 minutes late and it's making my abandonment issues flare up
  15. And people don't answer the phone when you call to ask about apartments
  16. Do you not want to rent the apartment?
  17. I don't understand.
  18. Take my money already
  19. Fuck
  20. "Up and coming" is apparently code for "sketchy as fuck but close enough to silverlake that we're gonna charge you way more than what this is place is really worth"
  21. Ugh silverlake, I love you so much you over priced hipster haven
  22. Would the valley REALLY be so bad?
  23. Ughhhhhhhh I hate everything
  24. I don't know how to adult.
  25. Someone help me adult.