It's been a minute but I'm back
  1. I'm sitting in my favorite coffee shop getting some writing done
    I come here so often I have a tab, no joke.
  2. And I notice a woman here I've seen a couple of times who I lightly flirt and chat with if we end up sitting near each other
  3. But there are no seats near her and she's working pretty intensely so I sit in a space further away
  4. And as I walk to my lil table, another lady who I have never seen before looks up and smiles at me
  5. Well hey girl hey
  6. And I smile back and sit down and start working
  7. And every once in a while I slyly check them out
    Look I'm an animal, okay. We all are. I make no apologies.
  8. But then I get very invested in my work and stop eye flirting
  10. I see new girl has moved and is now sitting next to the first girl
  11. And they're flirting with each other
  12. ......
  13. ...............
  14. Well damn.
  15. ......
  16. .........
  17. To be fair
  18. They DO look real cute together