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I fell in love with the mountains
I am literally just laying in bed, eating potato chips and Ferrero Rocher
  1. Issues, Julia Michaels
    For your top hits fulfillment
  2. Caroline, Aminé
    For some bump'n 'n grind'n
  3. Can't Help Falling in Love, Elvis Presley
    For something classic
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  1. Chocolate chip waffle
  2. Spaghetti
  3. Popcorn
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My roommate and I are following along live
  1. "Hey, Clinton's odds are dropping"
  2. "Holy shit, now they have Trump at 55% odds!"
  3. "I really don't think Trump will win. If he wins I will streak down our street."
    "I'll streak too"
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Inspired by @gurwink this covers the highlights of my screenshots since the Brangelina breakup until now
  1. Showing my mom my cool new Pokémon
    I have gotten back into this game because I decided all of my walking ought to be rewarded somehow
  2. I have this allergy and people always think it's fake so I thought this was funny and relatable
    Such a dorky allergy
  3. This is really just me asking for my money out of an account still in her name, but I thought it sounded like a funny, sad, college relatable request
    She agreed
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I have a very sweet, adorable pit mix, who I love so dearly, but also can very frequently hate as she will choose to eat my possessions over her own toys and bones. She's crate trained, and usually goes in when she's home alone, but she's still managed plenty of destruction while I shower, sleep, or run to the store.
  1. Some paper back books
    A student travel guide for Europe, Animal Farm, half of Twilight
  2. 2 plastic ball throwing arm things
    We go to the park every day and play fetch. I can't throw further than ten feet to save my life, so I use these. She eats them, and then we both suffer.
  3. Lots of Kit Kat wrappers and popcorn kernels
    Out of my trash can
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  1. Spider web in the uncut grass
  2. My dog (!!!) playing in the creek
  3. This is literally a creek 20 feet from apartment buildings so blessed
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I went to the Pitbull concert last night and he dropped A LOT of knowledge on the audience... So I've assembled a list of his likes and dislikes based off of that. They seemed to come in pairs.
  1. Dislikes: racism
  2. Likes: music
    Music is the solution to racism. "IT UNITES US!!!"
  3. Dislikes: the election
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Inspired by @dubraker
  1. Fuck:
    The Fourth of July. Burgers. Boats. The lake. Fireworks.
  2. Marry:
    Thanksgiving & all the food with it
  3. Kill:
    All of those fake national ________ days that people post all over social media about
Riding backseat with my fifteen year old sister driving for her first time out on the road
  1. I'm so scared
    Because that's always reassuring
  2. Do I stop if there are people in front of me??
    Why is that a question?
  3. Where's the brake?
    Oh no
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