1. Favorite characters from various tv shows, ranked
  2. Top clothing items I'm yearning to add to my closet
  3. Fictional hangout spots I wish were real
  4. Texas things that my freshmen roommates (not from Texas) did not understand
  5. Best things to send me in a care package *nudge nudge*
  6. Reasons why I got dressed during my week off
  7. Things I expected to happen during my freshmen year of college that didn't
  8. Strangest things I saw happen during class
  9. First things I grab grocery shopping with my mother that I'm too cheap to buy when I shop for myself
  10. Most memorable dreams I've had
  11. My Amazon wish list
  12. College majors I've declared (and ones I wish I had)
  13. Places I want to visit while I'm studying abroad, ranked
  14. Desert island, anything
  15. Best questions to ask someone you're trying to get to know
  16. Screen names I've had
  17. Things my American Girl Doll had I wished I had