Pictures I want to post on Instagram but I won't

  1. Surfing this weekend
    I've already posted two pictures from this weekend. Sigh.
  2. My s'more from this weekend
    It just really doesn't fit with my ~aesthetic~. I have 500+ pictures and 99.9% of them are of people and I'm afraid to break away from that so.
  3. At a concert last month
    I just missed the moment on this one. Wasn't sure then. Full of regret now.
  4. Selfie I like
    It's like the s'more. I don't post selfies. Not about to change that. Or maybe. But not today.
  5. View while landing in Costa Rica
    See s'more.
  6. Snapchat my friend took of me
    I think I'm probably the only one who finds this funny
  7. Holding my dogs, wearing a Spurs jersey
    It's like double the love but the dogs just couldn't get the pose.
  8. My legs ft my dog
    This is seriously like a picture of nothing. I just think my legs look nice. And my dog is there too so.