I have a very sweet, adorable pit mix, who I love so dearly, but also can very frequently hate as she will choose to eat my possessions over her own toys and bones. She's crate trained, and usually goes in when she's home alone, but she's still managed plenty of destruction while I shower, sleep, or run to the store.
  1. Some paper back books
    A student travel guide for Europe, Animal Farm, half of Twilight
  2. 2 plastic ball throwing arm things
    We go to the park every day and play fetch. I can't throw further than ten feet to save my life, so I use these. She eats them, and then we both suffer.
  3. Lots of Kit Kat wrappers and popcorn kernels
    Out of my trash can
  4. 2 dozen cascarones
    Colored eggs filled with confetti, traditionally fracked over the heads of friends during fiesta. Two freaking dozen. Never saw them come out either.
  5. A candle from the Notre Dame
    Favorite thing from my trip to Paris. She ate the whole thing, very proudly.
  6. A bag of fake spider web
    I was planning on decorating for Halloween but she ate my decorations
  7. The back of my tv remote
    Thankfully she missed the sensor part so it's still functioning
  8. My graphic design project (a typography poster)
    Thankfully this had already been graded and handed back
  9. A picture of my other dog that fell off the wall
    This seems intentional somehow
  10. My lifeproof case (containing my phone!!)
    In less than five minutes she got my phone off my bedside table where it was charging, chewed the charger cord out of it, then chewed through the lifeproof case, completely removing/destroying it. I caught her right before she could actually get the phone, so it only suffered from minor drool.