Top wardrobe pieces I'm lusting after right now

  1. 1.
    Overall cutoffs
  2. 2.
    A high neck bikini top
    I LOVE the color of this one, also from Urban Outfitters, but I'm not thrilled about the strappy back. (
  3. 3.
    This tye-dye cactus tee
    Tye-dye + cactus??!!? Love. From Etsy. (
  4. 4.
    White, low top converse
  5. 5.
    A black choker necklace
  6. 6.
    A million wrap dresses
    This one from Francesca's is on the more casual side, very summery with the stripes. Super cute.
  7. 7.
    A button-down mini skirt
    I like this white one from Urban Outfitters. A black one would be pretty great too. (
  8. 8.
    This The Walking Dead tee
    TWD is my new obsession and I'm a total sucker for Calvin and Hobbes mash ups like this one from Etsy. (