1. The time I had a dream in fifth grade of a teacher in a classroom in an unknown school. Next year at middle school I was in the same exact classroom with the same exact teacher and class. Weird times weird times
  2. Just the other day while watching Jem and the holograms with a friend (interesting film, not to shabby)
    I realized the the reoccurring dreams I had been having about being in a girl band were actually the characters and band from the movie. The songs and stage set up were the same too! If you go on my search history you will find that I looked up a song I dreamed about that's not real
  3. During my swim meet with my swim friends. I had dreamed about the same event many years earlier
  4. Today while taking my science test!
  5. Yesterday while walking up the stairs!
  6. I have deja vu so much taking it as a sign for being a genie (and also for getting more sleep)
  7. Maybe I can tell the future, any things possible now a days!