1. Literally be the queen of the world (who run the world - girls) (promote girl power too!)
  2. Get to play with Blu Ivy all day (toddler time!)
  3. Eat really good food (imagine all the recipes!)
  4. Know how to dance with out falling (I would no longer be clumsy and would now rock the dance floor woo hoo)
  5. Rule social media (I could tell jokes and I'd find peace in the fact that at least one of my millions of fans found it funny)
  6. Laugh hysterically at articles about me (especially all the wrong facts)
  7. Travel all around the world (in really cool planes to really interesting places)
  8. Have people worship everything I say (which is good or bad depending on what you say) (help make a change too)
  9. And of course have an amazing singing voice (duh)
  10. Know all the celebs (I'd even know the president!) (haha I might have met Donald trump but I'm not sure if it would be the best experience)