I’ve learned the hard way, to avoid these classic mistakes clutter-clearing:
  1. Don't get organized.
    Your first instinct should be to get rid of stuff. If you don’t keep it, you don’t have to organize it.
  2. Don’t buy fancy storage gizmos.
    Don’t let yourself buy an item until it’s absolutely clear that it will help you organize objects that are truly necessary.
  3. Don’t save things for the hazy future.
    Some things are worth keeping — but not most things.
  4. Don’t “store” things.
    In the long run, it’s better not to “store” that stuff but to give it away, recycle it, or toss it right away
  5. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
    Remember, we often over-estimate what we can do in a short time (one afternoon) and under-estimate what we can do over a long period, a little at a time (spending thirty minutes a day clearing clutter, for a month). Keep the process manageable.