These are the best things I've ever tasted, often for the first time
  1. Nutella
    The first time I had Nutella on toast I was 7 years old visiting relatives in Germany. Mind blown.
  2. Brown Cheese
    I lived with some Norwegians in New Zealand for a few months & their parents sent them a care package with this stuff in it. Oh my god.
  3. Lobster Bisque
    At a restaurant on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, for my sister's birthday dinner. One of the best meals of my life.
  4. Baked Brie with Jalapeño Jelly
    I've had lots of Brie in my life. This blew it all away.
  5. Green Curry with Lobster Claws
    First Thai meal, when in college in Santa Barbara. Also found out about Thai iced tea. 🙏
  6. Jambalaya
    First meal in New Orleans. I was starving and it was PERFECT
  7. McConnell's Ice Cream
    I lived in Santa Barbara for 4 years and never had McConnell's until a few months ago when my boyfriend bought it for us. Literally the best ice cream I have had from anywhere in the world.