Originally published, in much more detail, here: https://medium.com/@gretehowland * check out the site for the full scandalous story 😈
  1. Pay Attention to the Voice
    (The one that says, "I'm not so sure about this"....)
  2. Get Angry With God
    (And don't give in.)
  3. Make Friends with "Sinners"
    (Real friends, not missionary friends.)
  4. Study the Bible
    (Not "read the Bible"—study the Bible. Learn about its context and what historians say it means.)
  5. Keep Your Eyes Open In Church
    (Be a visitor, even if you're a member. Be brutally honest about what's happening in that sanctuary on Sunday mornings.)
  6. Ask the Bug Question
    (What if none of this is true?)
  7. Let It All Go
    Just stop, if you want to. You don't have to pretend anymore. Be yourself. Be free.