Movies That Traumatized Me

A Brief History
  1. Grizzly Man
    This is not hyperbole. I think about this movie on a regular basis, or at least the part where Herzog describes the sounds the guy makes as he's being eaten alive by a bear (after having said that the tape is too disturbing to play, he goes ahead and puts it into words anyway. Thanks Werner.)
  2. 5 Broken Cameras
    Never saw footage of an actual person actually get killed before, at least not so up close and personal. Impossible to compute. This movie is so important, though; I'm very glad I watched it.
  3. Return to Oz
    Okay now we're getting into childhood movie trauma, which is much tamer and less important than adult movie trauma. But seriously with those wheelies??
  4. ET
    ET was not cute. ET was frightening and gross.
  5. The Labrynth
    When after school care results in nightmares
  6. The Neverending Story
    I love this movie wayyyy more than I was scared if it. That said, Gmork was more than I could handle sometimes.