Questions I Asked That Lead Me Away From Christianity

Great request from @PeteOnEarth ... I don't even know where to start!
  1. Why is Christianity "right" when it's clearly geographically and historically contingent?
  2. Why are all the people I know who are LGBTQ and out actually pretty happy?
    Aren't they supposed to be "broken" or "sinful"?
  3. Isn't it just as likely that Jesus was just a regular (albeit revolutionary or even crazy) dude?
  4. Isn't it none of my business what other people believe?
  5. Why am I not getting everything I pray for?
  6. Why does the Bible contradict itself?
    Similarly, what about all those books that got left out?
  7. Are we all really okay with calling God "He"?
  8. Why are we all spending more time at church than out actually helping people?
  9. Wouldn't Jesus be uninterested in Christianity as an organized religion?
  10. Are all these expectations setting me free, or making me feel worse?
  11. Do I even want to be a Christian?