I'm moving to Portland in a couple weeks. I'm leaving a lot of good stuff behind, but there are a few "good riddance"'s too :)
  1. The Heat
    Oh my GOD the heat! Why does anyone live here??
  2. Bye Bye Dodgers 👋
    Go Giants/Beat LA
  3. Let's All Chill
    I find LA to be a very high-strung city. Most individuals are nice, but as a culture the place is too fast-moving & achievement-oriented for this Nor Cal girl. Maybe it's all the traffic?
  4. Speaking of Traffic
    This one's self-explanatory right?
  5. I Need More Green
    Somewhat related to weather. LA might not be technically desert all throughout, but it's kind of a concrete desert. I want grass! I want trees! I want soil!
  6. A New Chapter
    LA saw some pretty bad breakups, including my breakup with religion. Portland will be the first city I've moved to as a secular/atheist person, and I could not be more excited about this.