1. Lots of White People with Dreadlocks
  2. A White Guy With Dreadlocks Rapping
  3. A Very Angry Lady Farmer Screaming that Another Woman Was "Stressing Out" Her Little Pigs
    That other woman was standing quietly as she was being screamed at. Not sure what she did to incite such outrage, but the lady farmer felt compelled to call for security.
  4. Lots of Punny Vegan T-Shirts
    E.g. "If Looks Could Kale"
  5. The Longest Food Truck Lines Ever
    Clearly these people were starving
  6. A Chick Playing A Banjo-Uke
    Super jealous of her, actually
  7. A Puppy That I'm Pretty Sure Was Too Young To Be Out In Public
  8. A Bernie Sanders Booth
  9. So Many Septum Piercings
  10. A Over-Simplified and Unscientific Understanding of GMOs
  11. Boots I Can Only Hope Were Fake Leather
    For that guy's sake