Things My Parents Taught Me: The Good Stuff

I spend a lot of time working on reversing all the unhealthy stuff I learned/inherited from my family of origin, but there's much to be appreciated too. For example:
  1. To Play
    My parents are hard workers but they believe in regular relaxation & recreation. We got to go on a lot of cool vacations & it was never wrong to take a brain break as needed during the day.
  2. To Go Outside
    Granted I watched WAY too much TV growing up, but we went for walks all the time too, did a lot of outdoor sports, and just generally took advantage of the nice Central Coast weather as often as possible.
  3. To Share
    My parents are incredibly hospitable, and they taught me that part of being a good friend or relative is having people over often and even taking them out once in a while too. Also, if someone needs money and you have a little to give, do it.
  4. To Care
    To be kind to people who are struggling, to listen to people who need to talk, to have an opinion on things that matter.
  5. To Read & Watch the News
    Now of course I've since learned to take mass media with a grain of salt, but I learned from my parents that it's important to educate yourself about what's going on in the world on a daily basis.
  6. To Do What You Love If You Can
    My parents never pressured me to be practical or typical, which means I truly enjoyed college because I did the major I wanted, and it means I'm still single, childless and happy about it 'cause they want me to follow my heart, not the norm.