Why I Fight the Patriarchy...

...and am done caring if what I say makes people uncomfortable.
  1. Being stared at on the street
  2. Being whistled to on the street
  3. Being howled/yelled at on the street
  4. Having kissing noises made at me on the street
  5. Being aggressively approached/cornered on the street
  6. Having my picture taken in public by men who are total strangers and tell me I should be flattered when I tell them to stop
  7. Being ignored by men in conversations
  8. Being told I don't know my own body by multiple doctors
  9. Being treated by men like my opinions are only guesses despite my high level of education and intelligence
  10. Having to deal with flirtatious men who think my rejection is only coyness/playing hard to get
  11. Being called a bitch by men in whom I am not romantically interested
  12. "Is it that time of the month?"
  13. Being told that I'm the one who's responsible for preventing my own rape
  14. Knowing that, in a very practical and unfortunate way, I AM the one who is responsible for preventing my own rape
  15. Feeling like I better carry my keys as a weapon when I walk alone (see above)
  16. Sexual assault that goes unprosecuted because the rapists are star athletes
  17. Pay gap between genders
  18. The fact that I am not fully legally in charge of my own uterus
  19. The fact that so many men will try to argue with this list and make it about their personal feelings instead of saying, "Wow. I'm sorry this is your reality. There's no way I can truly understand, and I know I'm a part of the problem, but I will try and do my part to make it better."