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This applies to every situation in life
  1. "Stop being a little bitch"
  1. Baby goats in pajamas
  2. Apple cider donuts
  3. Free comedy shows
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  1. A dog I found on the sidewalk and chilled with in my car for a bit
  2. My goddaughter
  3. A cool ass goat
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  1. 🗿
    Because this is me
I don't feel guilty about any of these
  1. Nick Jonas
  2. Hearing kids pronounce words wrong and not correcting them
  3. Not letting anyone cut in front of me in traffic ever
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Didn't realize being trapped on an island could be so chill
  1. The leftovers
  2. The office
  3. LOST (for advice)
  1. When I come back after being gone for 40+ minutes
  2. When listening to Adele's "Hello"
  3. When she tries to hide the led pencil I took away from her earlier by "falling asleep" on it
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