It's the little things that get you through the day.
  1. The first cup of coffee in the morning
    Somehow this mug of black sunshine manages to brighten up the skies in the first hours of the day.
  2. A big 'ole burrito bowl from your fast-casual Mexican joint of choice
    You know that beautiful pile of rice and beans is all that's preventing your hangry self from side-tackling the lady in line who can't seem to decide if she wants pico or not.
  3. That guy who, though he's a stranger, smiles at you as if the two of you go back to high school
    We all know that guy. Bonus points if he throws in a cheery "Hey!"
  4. Free samples at the grocery store
    Because free samples.
  5. The feeling of brushing your teeth at the end of the day
    Goodbye garlic. Goodbye bad decisions. Goodbye any baggage from the day. Hellooo freshmint.
  6. Happening upon old pictures and/or videos
    There's something about reminiscing and delighting in the fact that you AREN'T that awkward anymore
  7. Making a to-do list of things you've already done and checking off each box triumphantly
    It's weird. But there's a sort of satisfaction in it.
  8. When the forecast predicts rain, but it turns out to be sunny and clear all day
    Take THAT, weather app!
  9. Catching someone doing something they don't think anyone is watching them do
    Now I don't want to use the word "embarrassing, because more often than not this a situation where you find yourself thinking "Ahh. Them too." Hey. We're all human here.
  10. Chocolate.
    (It's scientifically proven)