Who says these can't have a Pinterest page or a Starbucks drink named for them, too?
  1. Sticky marshmallow-fingers.
    We all know too well the I-don't-really-know-what-to-do-with-my-hands-now pose.
  2. Sticky marshmallow FACE.
    Well there goes your chance with the cutie in flannel sitting next to you.
  3. Too much nutmeg
  4. Sifting out seeds from the pumpkin innards
    This is totally worth the effort, right?
  5. When that leaf looks SO CRUNCHY but stepping on it produces nothing
    Let's take a moment of silence for this one
  6. Blazing heat from a fire on your face
    Are my eyebrows still there?
  7. Those thoughts that go through your mind when you eat candy corn
    (What REALLY are those things made of? And why can I NOT STOP EATING THEM?)
  8. Burning your tongue on hot chocolate/apple cider
    That one's gonna stay with you for a few days
  9. Lukewarm hot chocolate/apple cider
    Lukewarm anything, really.
  10. Over-compensating for the coming cold weather
    No one will notice my pit stains if I'm wearing four layers, right?
  11. Cutting open a pumpkin to find ROTTEN INSIDES
    This happened to me today.