1. I've never felt the desire to deep-clean so obsessively.
    The college "it'll do" standard turns into violently scrubbing every crevice everywhere.
  2. Wow, putting on an apron does wonders for self-empowerment.
    I AM HOSTESS HEAR ME ROAR (and my roar I mean chop and whisk)
  3. Candles. We need candles!
    (Even though we've never had more than a glade plug-in at our house)
  4. Spotify playlist. Happening now.
    We'll make it mainly oldies for Nana and Gramps.
  5. Will my relatives think this cat portrait from Goodwill is weird?
    Eh, I'll keep it anyway.
  6. Our "living room" has PERFECT space for a folding table!
    Put a nice tablecloth on there and it's basically the Ritz.
  7. Need to clean. Need to clean. Need to clean.
    WHAT is THAT on the ground and how long has it been there?
  8. I should probably taste test everything right?
    I mean, just so no one gets poisoned or anything.
    It's going to be fine. Do we have enough chairs? Wow, I'm hungry.
  10. You done good, you.
    Next year?