1. Perimeter mall
    The stores. The people. The woman who always does my hair at the kiosk. Somethin bout this place.
  2. Marta
    ALWAYS guaranteed to walk away with some sort of story.
  3. The airport
    Let's be honest, it's BASICALLY Disney world.
  4. The High Museum
    Student discounts!!
  5. The abundance of brunch places
    Because Atlanta knows the best meal of the day
  6. All of the walking/running opportunities
    Piedmont! Chastain! Suburban sidewalks galore!
  7. Always a Target no more than 10 minutes away
    Target, I love you
  8. The selection of concert venues
    And each with their own lil' personality
  9. (More recently) the random spots that have been movie locations
    I visited District 12 the other day. True story.
  10. Stone Mountain
    It really is a great little hike. And you CANT BEAT that lazer show.