But alas, here we are.
  1. Wear tennis shoes and jeans.
    It happened.
  2. Eat kale and like it.
    I KNOW, I know. I can't decide if I'm proud of myself or hate myself for this one.
  3. Spend a good amount of weekday lunches in a middle school cafeteria
    Because #YtheLnot
  4. Carry one of those "last-day-of-work" boxes full of desk junk
    Does this make me a grown-up?
  5. Use abbreviations and weird text-talk as much as I do
    I need a spray bottle for myself or something. One spray for "totes", two for "lol"
  6. Mow the lawn
  7. Eat an entire 12-inch pizza in a sitting.
    College, man. (It was gluten-free, so that makes it trendy and okay, right?)
  8. Eat snails
    Thank you France and thank you butter
  9. Wear leggings as pants
    I gave in. They're just so freaking COMFORTABLE!
  10. Go to Disney world more than two times in one year
    No ragrets.